“Hiring Rod as my trainer was one of the best things I did for myself. His work-outs have strengthened my core, improved my balance and most importantly changed my attitude about working out. His sessions are interesting and fresh so you never get bored.”  Candice R. | Paralegal

“Getting back into shape after the birth of my 2nd baby was very important to me. Rod is a great trainer and wonderful motivator – who makes me want to stick to my goals and keep moving. I look forward to going to the gym on a regular basis – knowing I’m reaching my target, thanks to Rod!”  Jovita M. | WSB-TV News Anchor/Reporter

“Rod will make you use muscles you didn’t know you have. He knows the equipment in the gym very well, and is a great motivator. He listens to my endeavors to provide the workout that fits my goals.”  Nadine Quinland P. | Fox News

“When I started working out with Rod, my goals included maintaining a healthy weight and improving my muscle tone. Through his guidance and instruction, I’ve not only achieved my goals, but have surpassed them. I am stronger, healthier and more toned than ever before. As a trainer, Rod continually introduces new challenges that incorporate balance and strength training, while emphasizing proper form for each exercise. Most importantly, he manages to keep me motivated throughout every session. He is the consummate fitness professional. After working out with Rod, you not only feel encouraged, but inspired by what you can accomplish!”  Beth K. | R.N., B.S.N.

“Training with Rod has changed my attitude toward exercise, nutrition and overall fitness. I am stronger than I have ever been and I look forward to every session. He makes me work hard, but he also makes it fun and interesting!”  Sara P.S. | Alston + Bird

“I started working out with Rod Johnson about 1 1/2 years ago. I have learned to enjoy my workouts because Rod takes the time to explain each exercise before you try it; and as you are doing the exercise, until it all comes together. In other words, Rod is patient. I have come to the point that after I do my warm up, I am eager to go ahead with the rest of my session. Rod has also given me great advice about nutrition, vitamins and stretching. When working out with Rod Johnson you not only get a well qualified and certified trainer, but a person who will make you feel better about yourself because of his positive attitude and unique training style.”  Lisa F. | Private Banking, USA

“I have been a client for approximately 2 months. When I started working with Rod Johnson at Seal of Fitness two months ago, I weighed 240 pounds and had a waist size of 38+ inches. Also, I had not exercised regularly for more than two years. Rod developed a customized fitness program for me that included good nutrition, strength training and aerobic conditioning. During the past eight weeks, I have dropped 15 pounds and lost at least two inches from my waistline. Additionally, my energy level is significantly improved, my sleep pattern is much better and I am able to more effectively deal with my work related stress. Rod is an outstanding personal fitness trainer who helped me establish realistic fitness goals that I am confident will be achieved within the time-frame that we have established. He is an excellent teacher and trainer who has helped me improve my self confidence and quality of life.” – Dr. Eugene M. | CDC

“Rod has truly been an inspiration to me. I always ‘worked out’ on my own but never saw the results I am seeing since I met Rod. He somehow knows exactly what to say to keep me motivated and focused. He does not sugar coats anything and really makes me dig deep to find strength in myself. Without Rod, I have no doubt I’d still be struggling with my weight and not having efficient workouts.”  Nikki M G. | Breastcare Product Manager, Trulife




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